Don't Ignore the Niggle!

It’s late August and Labor Day is just days away. This means the fall marathons are just around the corner ! 17 days to Berlin, 38 days to Chicago, 66 days to New York, 77 to Philadelphia... just to name a few major ones.

This is the time in our training cycles that little niggles and weird pains start cropping up. Maybe shin splints are setting in, or your left hamstring is deeeefinitely feeling different than your right. 
While these things aren’t necessarily injuries or things that cause us to deviate from our training plans, they are certainly worth paying attention to. Your body is giving you small signals of what could potentially become problematic. These wouldn’t be a huge deal if you were entering a tapering phase, but that’s not the case. This is when the mileage starts to pile on and the workouts are more targeted. 

My advice? Come in and check out that niggle or little weird pain. I say this both from a place of personal experience and frustration as well as my professional opinion. One of my least favorite things to hear in mid-October (speaking in a New York marathon timeline) is “it started to bother me around Labor Day, but it wasn’t bad and I figured it would just go away on its own”. Yes, sometimes this is true. But it’s honestly not worth the risk and heartache of developing an injury at the peak of your training and becoming sidelined. 

So come in and get the weird pains checked out, make sure your running mechanics aren’t making things worse, and get advice about any training adjustments. If everything’s fine, you’ll be able to confidently give 100% in your training!

Dr. Cathlin Fitzgerald, DPT