Enough's Enough!

By Greg Laraia, ATC

Let’s be honest, nobody trains like NYC runners. We push the hardest, we work the longest, and we do the most. But what we’re not the best at is recovery. Burnout is real! So how do we push ourselves without overdoing it?

First, stick with your coach’s specific plan for you. Discuss adding, subtracting, or substituting any activity in your plan should be with your coach. This is an easy way to monitor all the stress you are putting on your body.  It’s tempting to pile on classes for social reason, but your health needs to be your first priority! What’s your plan? What is your body telling you? Make sure you are communicating with your coach so you can modify your plan to consider any workouts outside of running. If you and the coach don’t get along, consider switching. The relationship needs to be solid and built on trust!

Consistency is key! I don’t know any training plan that is only 1-2 weeks long. Most are at least 8 weeks of slow progression; consistently growing your workouts before a nice taper. This is for a reason! A last minute “plan” leads to stress, injury, or burnout!

Listen to your body. If you feel like something is wrong, something is probably wrong. If you feel like you are pushing too hard, you just might be. If you feel like a bone is sticking out of your leg, look down, because it probably is. Your body is the best tool you have. IIf it’s telling you something, take advantage of that knowledge and don’t blow it off. If you happen to feel like you are never recovered before your next run, or you are never not sore, maybe it’s time to take a break. It’s super easy to watch everyone else and say “I am gonna do that, but better,” except you can’t because you didn’t listen to what your body was telling you!

Taking a break isn’t the end of the world, trust me. Listen to your body, learn from yourself, and take advantage of what you have so you can become the best version of you. YOLO, am I right? But seriously, you do only live once, so why waste time trying to do what other people are doing? Focus on your goals and see your achievements skyrocket.