No Wasted Time

By Dr. Kathleen Leninger

Two weeks ago, I came in from my run wishing I had more time to stretch (there is never enough time).  My mind started racing of everything I needed to do before I left for work. I arrived at home, pressed the elevator button, and waited.

As I stood, it dawned on me that this elevator time should not go to waste!  For the last 2 weeks, I have been experimenting with elevator stretches and I’ve been surprised at how effective they are!  As long as you don’t care what the people around you are thinking (which you shouldn’t) and you aren’t sticking your smelly armpit into your neightbor’s face, there is no reason not to stretch in the elevator.

Live in a walkup?  Well, that sounds like a great opportunity to stretch your hip flexor with stair lunges or do calf stretches off a step.

If you run in the morning and can’t fit in 5 minutes of stretching before you fly out  the door to work, try stretching in the shower! The heat can increase the effect of the stretching.  In between shampoo and body wash, try a 30 second standing quad stretch or standing piriformis stretch! Just hold on to the wall so you don’t slip.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Single leg toe yoga (in my shoe) with opposite side quad stretch

  • Wall calf stretch with glute isometric

  • Standing figure 4 stretch

  • Forward lean hamstring stretch

Happy stretching!