Here at NY Custom PT & Performance, we just got an awesome new pair of NormaTec boots! Everyone wants to know what they actually do for you. So lets set the record straight.

NormaTec (and other compression boots) use peristaltic pneumatic compression to assist the lymph system, venous system and muscular tissues to clear out waste. All boots work differently but basically you can change the intensity, cycling and pattern to achieve compression.

A study out of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research looked at the effects of the boots on clearing lactate in the blood after exercise. The subjects in this study performed a regimented repetitive anaerobic program on a bike then their blood lactate was tested before and after using the boots. Half of the subjects had the boots on and pumping, the other half had the boots on without them actually turned on. They found that the blood lactate level was significantly less after using the peristaltic pneumatic compression boots. This study only looked at the short term effects, not the long term.

Another study looked at how effective boots were at increasing flexibility. This study used athletes from the U.S. Olympic Training Center, Recovery Center. The athletes performed a split test and the researchers measured hip angles and distance of the pelvis from the ground before and after using the boots. Again, half of the subjects wore the boots with actual treatment and the other half only wore the boots with the pressure off. They found the athletes that had boot treatment had greater hip range in a split when compared to the non-boot athletes. This also was not tested long term but it is believed that with continuous use of the boots, there could be long term effects.

Now that you know all of this, come and check out our new NormaTec boots!

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Kathleen Leninger, DPT