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Tart Cherry Juice

You’ve just completed your hill repeats. The workout went great, confidence is at an all time high, and you can’t wait to crush the next one. However, the next day you wake up and you’re stiff as a board. Your quads ache, your calves scream; you’re wondering what you did to deserve this torment.

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Stressed out Kidneys!

Not many people realize that running actually involves all of your organs, not just your muscles!

For one organ to function correctly, it needs the other organs to work correctly.Kidneys are responsible for filtering waste out of your blood.

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Kathrine Switzer, Marathon Woman

Every time I see the photos of Kathrine Switzer running bravely in full sweats and Adidas flats, fighting off the Boston Marathon race director, I get chills. She is the reason our company exists in the world. She ran, so we run. And we are #empoweredbyrunning because of her. 50 years ago, in 1967 #261, participated in what was an all-male’s race, fearlessly. Impressed? She’s also running it today at age 70!

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