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Anatomy of a Runner

By Dr. Lisbeth Hoyt

When most people think about running, the first body part attributed to the movement are our legs. While our legs do the majority of the work, running is actually a full body exercise. Our legs move us forward, our trunk stabilizes our body, and our arms assist our legs with forward propulsion.

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Stressed out Kidneys!

Not many people realize that running actually involves all of your organs, not just your muscles!

For one organ to function correctly, it needs the other organs to work correctly.Kidneys are responsible for filtering waste out of your blood.

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DON'T Stay Thirsty My Friends

Summer is here! Temperatures are rising and training will soon be ramping up as the fall marathon season is right around the corner. An important part of getting to the starting line healthy will be to manage the balance between sweat loss and fluid intake. Sounds easy, right?  Run. Get thirsty. Drink. Repeat. If this is you, it might be time to rethink the way you drink.

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