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by Cat

Memorial day weekend just passed, summer is coming in full force, and thoughts of fall marathons are creeping into our minds. Training plans are being written, and the question is: what is the BEST way to achieve my goal without getting hurt?



by Kathleen

Run-Walk: Don’t Knock it till you try it

When I was making my marathon program, I knew things wouldn’t be perfect, but I was really going to stick to the plan.  First the most part I was doing just that, until I got pneumonia.  Pneumonia is not something you can battle through, it totally stinks.  As soon as I got sick, I knew my goals and training would have to change.  If I was going to let my lungs heal but still train, I would have to try the dreaded run walk.



by Wendy

“I wish the women would hurry up and take over.” -Leonard Cohen

I used to hate the idea of “masculine” and “feminine.” I thought, “Whatever! Everyone is the same to me!” I truly believed everyone was equal.

Then I became a female entrepreneur. I voted for a woman for president. And now the flaws in my “modern” thinking are being challenged by society almost daily.



by Wendy

All runners have a “personal record” or a “personal best.” By default and definition we have a PR for every distance we have ever run. The quickest we’ve ever crossed the finish line! Our personal victory! Our glory days!

The internet is flooded with advice on “How to PR in the 5k” and similar. To me, that answer is fairly simple: increase core and glue strength first, lift heavier, integrate posterior chain quickness and explosiveness next, and train with graduated speedwork. Voila! 


by Kathleen

"Okay, so this week my training plan is 4 days totaling 30 miles. Perfect. I can go to Mile High with Jen on Wednesday and Friday; we really motive each other. I told Liz I would run with her long Monday for her 5 miler; it’s to raise money for her trip to El Salvador so I have to do it. Everyone from the team is going to be at track on Tuesday, I’ll go but lighten up the workout (unless Caroline is there, then I have to beat her). Mike is doing his long run Sunday but the new running group is doing 8 on Saturday and they are giving out free buffs, I can totally do both. It’s gonna be awesome, I just hope my Achilles holds up!"

top physical therapist


by Wendy

“What is your goal?”

We stand by this question as the cornerstone of our treatment and training planning here at Custom Performance. Sometimes it is a short-term goal, like “run the Brooklyn Half.” Sometimes it is a long term goal, like “run a marathon someday.” My goal? "To enjoy running forever."