vinnie miliano


Three years after his first race he's chasing a Boston Qualifier in the most competitive G/AG as well as a sub-3:00 marathon. After this he has his sights set on getting back into Ultras and his first 140.6 distance Ironman Tri. Running changed his life for the better. Vinnie feels empowered by running because no matter what else is happening in his life, his training and his goals are my own. Every step of the way Vinnie is in control.



jerlyn thomas


As a hobby, Jerlyn trains for triathlons and ultramarathons. She has done 5 ultras (first on snow and ice, -2 degrees and her furthest being 50 miles at the North Face Endurance Challenge). She’s currently training for NYC Triathlon and hopes to eventually do the half ironman on St. Criox where she grew up. Currently she is a digital Art Director in NYC. Follow her blog as well at

mary cain


Marnie kunz

Marnie Kunz is a lifelong runner, dating back to the days of baggy sweat pants, stopwatches and clunky running shoes. Running has offered as many mental benefits as physical for Marnie, helping her cope with many life challenges. Marnie enjoys spreading the running love with her company Runstreet, which leads art runs around NYC. Marnie is also a running coach. She loves circuits, track workouts and calisthenics training. Although she has run the NYC Marathon, Marnie is currently focusing on shorter races as she comes back from injury. She has her sights set on beating her college mile PR. When she's not running, Marnie is eating, Snapchatting or wandering around exploring the city's street art.