Carolina C.

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude for all the support I have received throughout my marathon training. To be frank, when I first decided to make the financial commitment to come to Custom , I didn't know what it was going to be like, but everyone said it was the best so I trusted. I came to find that it was worth more than I bargained for and I want to thank you. 

I felt listened, I felt taken care of, I learned, I listened. I didn't just get hands on treatment,  I received a holistic approach to my training and got the attention I was looking for that I didn't find elsewhere. It was a team effort for sure and most importantly I felt part of a community of people who care about the sport and simply 'got it'. Now I get why people say Custom is the best, because it truly is. 

Speaking to Kathleen tonight I got teared up and I simply wanted to convey this to everyone at Custom- because from the start I noticed the care:  From first phone calls to set up my appts with Brit and Katy who were always so cheery and willing to work with me, to working with Kathleen and getting to know the other PTs,  to attending great planned and informative events, to becoming part of Streets101 which made every single Saturday my favorite day of the week and learning from the outstanding coaches... you've got something amazing going on! So I want to say thank you. 

Gabriela D.

I started running last year and Cat and the custom performance team helped me overcome injuries - ankles and knee- correct my running form, and achieve my goals! Two half marathons in less than a year. This team made the impossible possible with care and kindness from the front desk to the PT table.

Emi M.

Entire staff are professional and the place runs like a well oiled machine. Facilities are clean, spacious, and modern with boutique gym vibes. I'm in great care under Kathleen - her approach is very practical and centered around addressing and fixing the underlying issue of injury. She answers all of my questions directly and patiently.

Marla R.

I suffer with chronic ankle sprain and I was referred to Custom Performance by my orthopedist after two courses of therapy at another office, cortisone shots and a trip to an orthopedic surgeon who told me my next step was surgery. Kathleen quickly diagnosed my ankle issues reassured me that i was not destined for surgery. The care I receive from her is awesome - with very thoughtful diagnosis, great exercises I can do at home - all expertly communicated. As the office’s focus is treating runners, Kathleen understands how important it is to be able to run again after injuries. While they are work out-of-network for insurance, their attentiveness (they are not treating multiple patients at at time), their flexibility with appointments/treatment plans and expert care more than make up for it. And of course i have to give an extra shoutout to Katy & Brit for making insurance issues and scheduling a delightful experience!

Daria M.

These guys know their stuff! I've had 3 sessions so far and already am starting to feel stronger and more confident in my recovery. They are positive, attentive and professional. Highly recommend!

Matt F.

I first discovered Custom when training for my first marathon as I got hurt mid cycle to find out from them that I was overtraining, which I considered. The amount of info I learned from Kat and the team was way more than I expected to walk out the door with. I was under the impression they would help me get better and what excercises to do to strengthen but they gave me an array of knowledge to the point where I fell more in love with the sport. As I am now 2 years into running I cannot imagine not having this facility on my side as its great to check in every few weeks or so even if no injury just to make sure my body is even and able to produce a great form going forward.

Meredith E.

I love Custom Performance and have been going there for over a year. I first came here because I was having knee and ankle pain and wanted help from people who knew running and loved the sport as much as I did. Over that past year, Cat has supported me through a stress fracture, trained me to be a stronger and safer runner, and greatly improved my running form. Best of all, Cat has honored my goal of "being able to run until I'm 85" and allowed me to focus on injury-prevention and getting comfortable with outdoor running instead of other goals that aren't as important to me, like speed. I wish I could go to Custom PT forever!

Ariel L.

Working with Kathleen at Custom Performance has made a HUGE difference for me. I have seen more than a half dozen other physical therapists in the last five years or so, and though some have been helpful in other ways, none have been able to help me return to running. Indeed, several practitioners over the years have CAUSED me injuries in their offices, doing their exercises, under the PT's supervision! - these injuries have each taken months to recover from.

Kathleen is, by stark contrast, WONDERFUL at getting people of all body types safely back to running - in just a few visits, my ability to run has been transformed. I am so grateful for Kathleen's expert analysis, both on the treadmill and off, and for her expertise, including the range of exercises she has at her finger-tips to recommend for my specific situation.

I do most of my exercises at home, with visits once a month or so to check in and get updates as I progress. Kathleen has been very understanding about working with my schedule and what works best for ME given my ability to do the exercises accurately and safely at home once they have been clearly explained.

I feel very appreciative of how she has enabled me to get back to running in a way that minimizes my risk of future injury.

Ania K.

Had a great experience going to CustomPT to rehab a stress fracture. The PT was super knowledgeable, was able to diagnose what led to the injury, and worked on a comprehensive plan to get back to running. The staff is super friendly, facility is great (yay for an Alter-G!), and going there was a great experience.

Jacquii A.

Can't recommend Custom PT enough!
I first visited Custom PT for a metatarsal stress fracture.  Not only did Wendy get me back to running safely and with no re-injury, but I also went on to run my first marathon 4 months later.  I cannot recommend them highly enough - not only for the physical rehab, but for all the mental support.  They really understand runners.

Beth S.

Such a great facility, and Lisbeth is amazing! She is helping me get back to healthy running, something I've been missing out on for several years now.

Alisa S.

I was EXTREMELY injured with a hip bursitis injury a month into my marathon training. Kathleen was amazing in the right strategy with a mixture of exercises, alter G running and easing back into running. I was able to complete the marathon because of Custom PT's help and I didn't even have any hip pain! They are also extremely accommodating as I had to change my PT time almost every week. I love it here!

Stephen D.

I've been working with Kathleen at Custom PT for several months now and have had a stellar experience. I originally presented with plantar fasciitis developed during marathon training. From the outset Kathleen gave me some great pointers to improve my gait and form and most importantly help me understand what's going on with my feet, tendons, muscles, hips etc. and what exacerbates problems. For me each PT session starts with stretching, targeted work on the issue at hand (thumbs up for Graston technique!), followed by excercise practice (progressing over time) and finally either heat/cold, recovery boots or taping. I feel I'm making real progress building strength and awareness which will hopefully help head off potential injuries in the future. Everyone at Custom PT is ridiculously friendly and helpful!

Sarah D.

The team at NY Custom PT is amazing. I have been going there since October 2016 after hearing about them through my run club, Mile High Run Club. The team is very professional and they are actionable -- if you do the work they tell you to do, then you'll see improvements. I had IT band issues right before the 2016 NYC Marathon and unfortunately had to pull out. They helped me make that decision and then helped create a game plan for a May 2017 marathon. I ended up doing a 23 min PR at that marathon (3:51:29). I'm thrilled with their service and will definitely continue to use them in the future. I also love the perks such as the recovery boots which are really helpful during marathon training.

Sami J.

My PT Center for life.
For nearly 2 years, suffering from hip flexor issues, so running was always painful.
Referred to PT Custom and my first session was on 31st of March 17. The only promise, after the evaluation, I received from Cat was: I'll get you ready for Brooklyn Half Marathon, don't worry.
On 20 May 17 ( 50 days after my 1st session) , I ran my 1st half Marathon in 2 years, pain free. 
Thank you Cat, Jordan and all the friendly staff there.

Rory C.

Custom PT is the best!!! They really care about their clients. Your goal becomes their goal and they want you to achieve it! About a month into my 16 week training for my 2nd marathon I started to get severe knee pain. The pain would kick in after about a mile or two and it made it hard to finish training runs, especially the long runs every week. I started going to a different physical therapist that will remain nameless, but after two sessions there I knew I would never make it to the marathon if I stayed there. So I googled running physical therapist and Custom PT came up in my search. I knew after reading the info on their website this was the type of place I needed. I made an appointment with Cat and she was amazing from day one. The first thing she had me do was run on a treadmill while she recorded it. We then watched the video and she told me what I was doing wrong, gave me a couple of cues to try and had me run again and recorded it. We then watched the videos side by side and there was a vast difference just from the simple cues she gave me. We then went through a series of exercises to strengthen muscles that were weak and not being activated that can cause the pain I was experiencing. The video analysis is such an amazing tool at pinpointing what could be causing the injury. She also encouraged me to do the exercises at home and continue running and training with the cues we had worked on earlier. Since my training plan had been disrupted do to the injury she helped me create a plan that would give me the best chance at making it to the marathon healthy and ready. Every time I went in they worked on massaging my IT bands, stretched me out and then put me through an intense workout that was purposely created to strengthen the weaknesses in my legs. The strength training exercises were what I needed and what my training was lacking. I highly recommend Custom PT if you are a runner with an injury and need help getting back on track to achieve your goals. You meet with someone 1 on 1 that cares and wants to help you make it to your race. The entire staff and management are incredible and are super easy to work with. I always looked forward to going to physical therapy and always felt better and stronger after leaving each session. Even missing a few weeks of training due to my injury I still crushed my goal of beating my previous marathon time, my legs felt great the next day and recovery time was very minimal. I couldn’t have done it without Custom PT! Thank you Cat, Greg and Jordan who were the staff I worked most closely with over the last few months.

Emma P.

As a former Division 1 distance runner -- and running nerd for life -- I've been really frustrated when dealing with persistent hamstring tendinopathy that started during my final track season last spring. After moving to New York in the summer, I needed someone who understood my love for running and who took my urgent need to heal as seriously as I did. Starting PT in September, it has been a long road, but despite the persistent nature of this injury, Kathleen has stuck with me every step of the way. She's given me massage work and graston therapy, countless exercises, a run-walk program, and 2 gait analyses. She's supported me through a cortisone and PRP injection, and sent me several articles and detailed descriptions of the injury itself and my underlying mechanical issues. Now, she's coaching me through a gradual return-to-running program using Custom Performance's Alter-G and state of the art mini-gym, and helping me to transition to a running club when I'm able to. I even got to meet many of my lifelong running idols, Kara Goucher, Sara and Ryan Hall, and Stephanie Rothstein Bruce, at Custom Performance's amazing Empowerment Through Running event leading up to the NYC marathon in November. Overall, Custom PT and Performance is SUCH a gem! Come for the people, stay for the Alter-G and awesome running connections and events, and have faith that no matter what you're dealing with, the folks at Custom Performance can help.

Isabel L.

Every time I walk out of here I think to myself, "God, I love coming to therapy." I genuinely look forward to it every time I have an appointment. Kathleen is not only nice and attentive, but she really pushes everyone to do their best. She is always available to answer questions and provide guidance. I wouldn't trust anyone else.

Kaitlyn F.

Over the last three+ months, I trained for my first marathon with the help of NY Custom PT.  They are amazing.  Everyone who works there is kind, considerate, and understanding.  They took into consideration my past experience and helped me adjust various elements of my running to heal certain injuries, prevent others, and get me to the start/finish healthy and happy.  They are intuitive and will listen to your goals and help you reach them.  I appreciated not only the physical therapy but mental aspect that they provided.  They provide their undivided attention when helping train clients for events such as a marathon or half-marathon or recovery from an injury.I could not have made it to the start AND finish healthy and without them.  The facility is top-notch and was just expanded to include a full equipment area.  I cannot say enough positive things about this PT clinic and highly recommend checking it out!

Amanda M.

I've been working with Kathleen for a couple months to strengthen a weak/injured hip flexor and she is a rockstar. She has a fantastic long-term approach that incorporates cross-training, strengthening, stretching, and a running plan with their running coach, Chris Forti. Our sessions are intense and she's great at rehabilitation, but she knows that long-term performance is critical and is helping me hit the pavement better and stronger than ever. The whole team at Custom PT is friendly and helpful. They're knowledgeable, professional, and very caring. They have a beautiful facility with awesome resources/cool technology that aid in the recovery process. For training and recovery, this is really the place to go.