Karen Y.

I worked with Jake at Custom PT for 2 months as I recovered post Bunionectomy, and I had an excellent experience! I think its important to note that I am not really an athlete or runner, and I still felt very comfortable here. Even though they seem to specialize on working with runners, I still received great attention and care. I guess initially I was afraid that I might not be seen as an "interesting" client because I'm not an athlete but that certainly was not the case!

Jake only works in the evenings a couple days a week, which was great for my schedule as I work full time in Brooklyn and could come in after work. My appointments always started on time, which I was grateful for, and they never seem to have too many people packed in their space.

I came to really look forward to my appointments, as Jake was really fully invested in my recovery, and cared a lot. In fact, he cared so much that it motivated me to really be diligent about practicing my exercises in my own spare time. Not only was he caring and motivated, but he was really personable and totally fun to chat with during my appointments. It made me feel like I was visiting with a friend! Eventually I will have my right foot operated on, and I will definitely be going back to work with him post op!

I made big strides during my work at Custom PT- doing things I never imagined I would ever be able to do again- stand on tiptoes, jump, even jog! I definitely credit Jake and Custom PT for these results.

I hope that I will be able to recommend Jake and Custom PT to friends, in the future- and I hope that this review might lead others to them.  

If I had one criticism for their system, I would say that I wish that my card was charged consistently after my appointments. Sometimes they charge you for a full week, and sometimes one session at a time. This is not a dealbreaker, but more consistency would be great!

Samantha LaBarbara