Shan H.

I went in with some rudimentary knowledge about gait.  I'm a recreational runner with 40 race history ranging the gamut from 5k to marathon.  Aspects of my gait I've been aware of are cadence and foot strike.  Interestingly, these were the strongest aspects of my biomechanics-- showing me that this is something that can be improved and worked on as long as you are aware.  

At New York Custom, I worked with one of the PT's,  Cat.  She numerically evaluated my gait, explained what the numbers meant, and gave me exercises to improve my biomechanics.  If you enjoy running and are conscious of form; it is absolutely worth having an evaluation so you are aware of tweaks that can help you become the strongest and fastest runner you can be.  I will likely go again for a followup evaluation to see how my biomechanical efficiency has improved either before or after NY Marathon coming up in November.  Thanks Cat!

Samantha LaBarbara