Shan H.

Visited twice each time got some valuable feedback on gait imbalances. I am an overly critical person at times and not easily convinced. Often when told something I have to see for myself. Without getting into specifics, I scheduled a follow up to answer some questions as well as assuage some doubts; to see if what I was told held up to scrutiny. It did! 

I trust their insights now 100% and that is the best complement I can give. NY Custom not only provides gait analysis, but an ability to measure improved mechanics numerically and visually using video capture and angles. They will also give you exercises to improve your gait. 

An ability to measure improvement s d gait changes over time, and to have instructions and assigned exercises targeted towards strengthening form is what makes this service an outstanding addition to your training. I am a recreational runner, and a believer in this service.

Samantha LaBarbara