Srini V.

New York Customer PT must be the cleanest and nicest physical therapy facility in the city (not that I have checked out many).  This location opened just a few months ago in a commercial building in the mid-town area.

Wendy, who founded and runs the facility, is a gifted PT practitioner.  She specializes in helping runners and also in treating midtown monkeys with broken backs.  I have had a lower back pain from keeping a poor posture at work, and Wendy has been working on setting it right over the past few months.  My rate of improvement is only constrained by my own inability to diligently follow her recommended behaviors and exercises.

During the course of your program, Wendy will teach you routines that you can practice at home or at your gym with a trainer.  If only I was able to comply, I would likely be feeling significantly better now.  But then I wouldn't have an excuse to visit nycustompt and see discernible improvement from just a 45-60 minute with Wendy, the intense PT guru.

Samantha LaBarbara