Kaitlin F.

Over the last three+ months, I trained for my first marathon with the help of NY Custom PT.  They are amazing.  Everyone who works there is kind, considerate, and understanding.  They took into consideration my past experience and helped me adjust various elements of my running to heal certain injuries, prevent others, and get me to the start/finish healthy and happy.  They are intuitive and will listen to your goals and help you reach them.  I appreciated not only the physical therapy but mental aspect that they provided.  They provide their undivided attention when helping train clients for events such as a marathon or half-marathon or recovery from an injury.I could not have made it to the start AND finish healthy and without them.  The facility is top-notch and was just expanded to include a full equipment area.  I cannot say enough positive things about this PT clinic and highly recommend checking it out!

Samantha LaBarbara