Cara F.

NY Custom PT is the absolute best. I have had knee injuries off and on for the past 5 years and I'm finally able to run regularly again now. I saw Wendy and she is phenomenal, as are all of the PTs there. They do everything - massage, graston, trigger point, stretching, strengthening, gait training, VO2 max testing, and I'm sure much more. They work on anything and everything that needs it (which, for me, was a lot after five years). By coming to Custom PT for a couple of months and doing my strengthening exercises (every day), I am so thrilled to be running again. I was starting to think I might never run again, but Wendy convinced me otherwise. When I finished up with Custom PT, they gave me an online training plan to keep up with my exercises and running after I left so I wouldn't re-injure myself, and I've found this helpful in keeping me on top of my exercises. NY Custom PT is filled with smart, talented, and delightful people. They are the best at what they do. I am extremely grateful (and so are my knees)!”

Samantha LaBarbara