Cara F.

NY Custom PT is the absolute best. I have had knee injuries off and on for the past 5 years and I'm finally able to run regularly again now. I saw Wendy and she is phenomenal, as are all of the PTs there. They do everything - massage, graston, trigger point, stretching, strengthening, gait training, VO2 max testing, and I'm sure much more. They work on anything and everything that needs it (which, for me, was a lot after five years). By coming to Custom PT for a couple of months and doing my strengthening exercises (every day), I am so thrilled to be running again. I was starting to think I might never run again, but Wendy convinced me otherwise. When I finished up with Custom PT, they gave me an online training plan to keep up with my exercises and running after I left so I wouldn't re-injure myself, and I've found this helpful in keeping me on top of my exercises. NY Custom PT is filled with smart, talented, and delightful people. They are the best at what they do. I am extremely grateful (and so are my knees)!”

Claire L.

I highly recommend NY Custom PT to all my running friends. I went to them initially for a running evaluation, which was tremendously helpful. Since then, after changing my form my calves are no longer hurting (which they always have), and I'm running faster! I am a more efficient runner and my core is getting stronger.I also came in once I started getting a bit of knee pain while I was running. I was massaged and evaluated and took home some exercises to help alleviate my pain and make me stronger. These exercises were so helpful and I was able to run my last half marathon pain free! Their facility is very clean and the physical therapists are friendly and very professional. They specialize in sports, especially running, which is helpful for me because my last physical therapist was a generalist that didn't know the specifics of runners needs.I'm going to continue to come back to NY Custom PT for all my PT needs!

Veronica G.

I highly recommend New York Custom PT.  They have a great staff and a great facility.  Cat is a great PT.  She did my initial running analysis and I've worked with her for the last few months to rehab a running injury I've had for the past few years.  We've worked a lot on form which has helped my running tremendously.  I'm seeing the results of my work with her and my next step is to plan some race goals.

Kim M.

This is a great PT practice!  After a few unsuccessful attempts to get over a nagging injury, I was looking for a fresh start that connected my treatment plan to my running goals. The initial evaluation, which included a very informative look at my running gait was comprehensive and personalized to the feedback I provided about prior attempts to treat my injury.  After only a few visits, I am starting to feel confident with my at home exercises as well as see progress towards my goal.  If you are not injured, go get the gait analysis...this is a great opportunity to prevent future issues!

Peter G.

The team at New York Custom PT are just plain great--super friendly, amazing at their work and very, very positive! Cat is always available for questions and just recently helped me set a target goal as I recover from Injury. The team there works hard to create a sense of community and to that end, supports the larger running and sports community throughout NYC.  I highly recommend them for anyone that needs top notch PT.

Bill G.

Wendy is amazing and has kept me in the game since my first marathon in 2009. I've completed 4 full and dozens of halfs and I'm still getting faster. Would not have happened without her advice, training and PT. She is always spot on with her analysis, diagnosis and therapy recommendations.

Marcello S.

Great therapist!! Great location & facility. Call now if your injured or need a running analysis.

Shan H.

Visited twice each time got some valuable feedback on gait imbalances. I am an overly critical person at times and not easily convinced. Often when told something I have to see for myself. Without getting into specifics, I scheduled a follow up to answer some questions as well as assuage some doubts; to see if what I was told held up to scrutiny. It did! 

I trust their insights now 100% and that is the best complement I can give. NY Custom not only provides gait analysis, but an ability to measure improved mechanics numerically and visually using video capture and angles. They will also give you exercises to improve your gait. 

An ability to measure improvement s d gait changes over time, and to have instructions and assigned exercises targeted towards strengthening form is what makes this service an outstanding addition to your training. I am a recreational runner, and a believer in this service.

Troy A.

I love cycling and am an avid SoulCycle rider. I hurt my back helping a friend move and was very upset I couldn't workout for awhile, and decided to try NY Custom out and boy am I glad I did. From the moment I walked in to now a few months of sessions, I am back on the bike! Thanks Leah and Wendy!

Jay C.

NY Custom PT is the best in the city by far (Ive been to several over the past 5 years). Its clean, modern, has all the equipment you need and the staff are excellent! I was carrying a couple of injuries from Crossfit (hip flexor & quad) and Wendy has been able to drastically reduce my stiffness and pain in just a couple of weeks. I was recommended this place by a friend and have since recommended it to several. If you can get an appointment, its the best there is.

Jeff D.

Every runner should take advantage of this video evaluation. I wish I had done it 20 years ago. In just an hour, I learned how to correct flaws in my form, and corrected some false assumptions. Time and money very well spent.

Jason H.

NY Custom Physical Therapy was a fantastic experience. As an avid runner, I'm always trying to find innovative ways to improve and educate myself towards an injury free future. During my visit, I was evaluated on every aspect of my running mechanics and was offered easy and crucial ways to better my form. These techniques were advised and as a result, I already feel better. To all those thinking about checking them out, please do so as you will be impressed by their professionalism and intense attention to detail.

Barbara T.

NY Custom PT is a miracle!  Wendy and her team are so fabulous.  I came to Wendy recommended by my trainer with an injury during my training for the NY Marathon (my first) and I had lost all hope of continuing.  Wendy got me on the road back to recovery and I am happy to report I finished the marathon (relatively) pain free!  She also provided me with strength exercises that I could use throughout my running career.  She is so supportive and knowledgable.  Highly recommend!

Derick C.

I had a great experience at New York Custom Physical Therapy. I received a personalized runners evaluation in the lead up to my first marathon and gained a great deal of insight and advice on my running style, nutrition and exercises I should be doing. This has been a fantastic help.

Srini V.

New York Customer PT must be the cleanest and nicest physical therapy facility in the city (not that I have checked out many).  This location opened just a few months ago in a commercial building in the mid-town area.

Wendy, who founded and runs the facility, is a gifted PT practitioner.  She specializes in helping runners and also in treating midtown monkeys with broken backs.  I have had a lower back pain from keeping a poor posture at work, and Wendy has been working on setting it right over the past few months.  My rate of improvement is only constrained by my own inability to diligently follow her recommended behaviors and exercises.

During the course of your program, Wendy will teach you routines that you can practice at home or at your gym with a trainer.  If only I was able to comply, I would likely be feeling significantly better now.  But then I wouldn't have an excuse to visit nycustompt and see discernible improvement from just a 45-60 minute with Wendy, the intense PT guru.

Karen Y.

I worked with Jake at Custom PT for 2 months as I recovered post Bunionectomy, and I had an excellent experience! I think its important to note that I am not really an athlete or runner, and I still felt very comfortable here. Even though they seem to specialize on working with runners, I still received great attention and care. I guess initially I was afraid that I might not be seen as an "interesting" client because I'm not an athlete but that certainly was not the case!

Jake only works in the evenings a couple days a week, which was great for my schedule as I work full time in Brooklyn and could come in after work. My appointments always started on time, which I was grateful for, and they never seem to have too many people packed in their space.

I came to really look forward to my appointments, as Jake was really fully invested in my recovery, and cared a lot. In fact, he cared so much that it motivated me to really be diligent about practicing my exercises in my own spare time. Not only was he caring and motivated, but he was really personable and totally fun to chat with during my appointments. It made me feel like I was visiting with a friend! Eventually I will have my right foot operated on, and I will definitely be going back to work with him post op!

I made big strides during my work at Custom PT- doing things I never imagined I would ever be able to do again- stand on tiptoes, jump, even jog! I definitely credit Jake and Custom PT for these results.

I hope that I will be able to recommend Jake and Custom PT to friends, in the future- and I hope that this review might lead others to them.  

If I had one criticism for their system, I would say that I wish that my card was charged consistently after my appointments. Sometimes they charge you for a full week, and sometimes one session at a time. This is not a dealbreaker, but more consistency would be great!

Shan H.

I went in with some rudimentary knowledge about gait.  I'm a recreational runner with 40 race history ranging the gamut from 5k to marathon.  Aspects of my gait I've been aware of are cadence and foot strike.  Interestingly, these were the strongest aspects of my biomechanics-- showing me that this is something that can be improved and worked on as long as you are aware.  

At New York Custom, I worked with one of the PT's,  Cat.  She numerically evaluated my gait, explained what the numbers meant, and gave me exercises to improve my biomechanics.  If you enjoy running and are conscious of form; it is absolutely worth having an evaluation so you are aware of tweaks that can help you become the strongest and fastest runner you can be.  I will likely go again for a followup evaluation to see how my biomechanical efficiency has improved either before or after NY Marathon coming up in November.  Thanks Cat!

Joe R.

I tore my achilles tendon a couple of years ago and spent the next 6 months, on and off, in the hospital. When I finally got out, I was wasted-- 6 months of lying on your back will do that. Luckily Wendy was recommended to me. My wife says she saved my life, and while that may not be entirely accurate, it is close. As far as I am concerned she is amazing.

Susie R.

Wendy is literally the physical therapist who changed my life. I am an athlete who has had back pain for years. The amazing thing about Wendy is that she helped me actually change my habits and taught me how to stretch and train so that I wouldn't be in pain. She is amazing.

Bill G.

Wendy is amazing and has kept me in the game since my first marathon in 2009. I've completed 4 full and dozens of halfs and I'm still getting faster. Would not have happened without her advice, training and PT. She is always spot on with her analysis, diagnosis and therapy recommendations.