We work with Out of Network Benefits within each insurance plan for services covered under the umbrella of Physical Therapy.

Insurance plans impose a deductible, for which the client is responsible.

We are happy to check your deductible and benefits for you and let you know your financial responsibility for services.



Our first core value is "Clarity in Communications." We value your care and want to be as transparent as possible with you about your plan with us.
We will never send you an outrageous bill down the line, and will let you know your insurance benefits up front.
This goes along with our core value "Do the right thing, always."
We believe our prices are fair market rate.

Should you be seeking our services without insurance, prices are as follows:

Physical Therapy Evaluation (1 hr): $275
Physical Therapy Follow-up (30-45 min): $175

Running Evaluation (1 hr): $275
Performance Strengthening for Runners (45 min): $175 ($1500 10 pack!)
VO2 Max testing: $200
Lactate Threshold Testing: $250

Fresh Legs Recovery Service: $175
Massage (1 hr): $175
Acupuncture (1 hr): $175
Normatec Recovery Boots: $1/minute
AlterG Pro Session: $2/minute

// Nutritional coaching & Running coaching: discounted rates //

**We offer discounted services for the Running Clubs we sponsor!