running analysis, performance testing, and strength programs

At Custom Performance, ALL of our staff are specially trained to work with runners of all abilities

Running Analysis with Optogait

VO2 Max & Lactate Threshold Testing


Strength Programs

Running Analysis:

We offer a one hour comprehensive biomechanical Running Analysis to evaluate your movement patterns and stride using video analysis. Real-time results help us create a tailored plan to increase efficiency and decrease injury. 

Along with filming your gait, we collect Optogait Data which provides us with personalized information about your:

  • Cadence
  • Flight time
  • Form
  • Ground contact time (broken down into initial contact, foot flat, propulsive phase)
  • Side to side asymmetries (left vs. right leg)
  • Stride angle (related to IT Band syndrome risk)
  • Stride length

This information assists us in developing a custom plan for you as well as injury prevention. 

With this 1 hr service, you receive:

  • Biomechanical analysis and cueing to improve form
  • Videos of "before" and "after" sent to your email
  • Assessment of strength and range of motion
  • A specific plan to correct these imbalances
  • A print out of your optogait data
  • A tailored running plan
  • Answers to questions regarding; shoes, orthotics, training, nutrition, and any other running-related topics.