vinnie miliano



From 200m to 100km, Vinnie has gone the distance. Starting his running career in his mid-20s, Vinnie is now in entering his 5th year of RRCA coaching at NYC's Mile High Run Club and 2nd year as a PUMA sponsored athlete. With a dozen marathons, Half Iron Man, and countless middle- and long-distance races under his belt, he co-coaches the competitive racing team for Mile High. On top of the love of coaching in the sport, Vinnie also runs social media, marketing, events, and partnerships for the studios. "Being part of the community as diverse as NYC is what makes running in this city unlike anything else." He believes whole-heartedly that running should be a community working for the individual - which is why he has found a home at Custom Performance. All for run, run for all.


darcy budworth



An Oregon native, Darcy moved east 12 years ago to study interior architecture + design.  She started running 9 years ago, after dating a Nike pacer who gave her her first pair of running shoes. He didn’t last…but the running did! After many LONG nights in working at design offices, and midnight running commutes home, she joined SoulCycle’s design team, and finally found a place that brought together her love for design and fitness! When Darcy isn't designing SoulCycle studios on the west coast, she is directing unsanctioned running races in the New York City!  She is co-founder of Take the Bridge, New York's premier urban running race.  She has also served as President of the New York Harriers running club, and as running director of the Red Hook Crit 5K, the fastest 5-k race in New York City. Darcy is a nationally certified running coach who has trained dozens of runners as a pacer for Nike+ Run Club and coach for the New York Harriers. 


jess movold



Jess is originally from the Midwest and moved to NYC in 2009 to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Jess has been an avid runner from an early age and as a high school track athlete, she first developed a relationship with running through speed and short distances on the track. Jess' dad has played a big role in her life when it comes to running as he remains a committed and passionate runner (now walker) and views running as a "lifestyle". Through her personal running journey and self growth as an athlete, Jess wanted to bring her skill and joy of helping others into the running community and wellness world. Jess is currently coaching at Mile High Run Club and The Fortitude Strength Club. Jess is also the Run Coach for Runner's World and really enjoys connecting with people of all backgrounds, goals and lifestyles through the universal language that comes with running. If you see her out on a run, don't be surprised if she tries to give you a high five in passing. Jess views running as a way of life and while she takes on serious training for races that she commits to, she plans to be a happy runner for all of her days to come, first and foremost.

matt nolan



NASM CPT, PES, and RRCA Run Coach ; 8X Marathon, 5X NYC Marathon // I discovered my passion for fitness when I was introduced to Barry’s in 2012. Becoming a trainer brought together my love for athletics, performing, and inspiring others. As a certified RRCA running coach who runs marathons, I strive to make a difference in people’s lives through my personal approach to training. I focus on structure; “quality over quantity” while pushing people past their limits using positive encouragement to reach their fitness goals and discover their inner athlete.


hollis tuttle




RRCA certified running coach Hollis Tuttle is a transplant from California. She brings a strong passion for fitness and a vast variety of experience with her to the East Coast. Hollis grew up in Northern California playing soccer and volleyball but found her true calling in college when introduced to the sport of triathlon. While earning her degree in Nutritional Science at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Hollis competed as a collegiate triathlete. Upon graduation, Hollis channeled her love of movement into group fitness classes, as first a student and then an instructor. Although she has taught a vast variety of disciplines (BodyPump, Pure Barre, indoor cycling, Barry's Bootcamp, and Orangetheory Fitness) she is best known in New York City for her time as a Senior Coach at Mile High Run Club and now as a Lead Instructor and the Director of Instructors, NYC for CITYROW.


jerlyn thomas



Jerlyn is VP, Product Design creating rich, attention-grabbing digital experiences that amplify human purpose by concentrating on inclusivity and design accessibility for her advertising agency in NYC. Her passion is bridging the gap between technology and art to communicate with diverse demographics.

She also a digital consultant, a mentor for numerous STEM groups, a speaker, and published illustrator. Her illustrations have been seen on Vice.com, ESPN, in various anthologies and children's books. She's now the author of her first book, “Blacks in Portraits.”

As an ultramarathon runner (her furthest distance has been 50 miles) and triathlete (she completed a 70.3), she's fast, agile and knows the value of training and discipline. Running resonates in every aspect of her life. She has completed over 5 ultramarathons and more than 10 marathon distances while also dabbling in other sports as a lifelong adrenaline seeker.

She's from Dominica, The Nature Island of the Caribbean, and grew up in St. Croix, a U. S. Virgin Island.

Currently, she lives with her husband, in The Bronx, escaping to train upstate on the weekends. When she’s not training, she enjoys a Manhattan with Marker’s Mark, or a nice stout.

amber rees



Amber found her passion for running only 4 years ago and it up leveled her life. She’s tackled every length from 5ks to half marathons and this year she is taking the leap and running her very first full marathon in NYC on November 3rd! She originally got her start as a performer and dancer in the Broadway theater world but started perusing her passion for fitness 8 years ago. She is a PUMA and SUUNTO sponsored athlete, a Senior Instructor at Barry's Bootcamp in New York City, and the co-founder of Brave Body Project (@bravebodyproject) a company on a mission to inspire women connect through sweat, body empowerment, and the pursuit of living a brave life. Amber has contributed her fitness expertise to Runner's World, Good Morning America, ABC News, Glamour, Shape, Self, Oxygen, Redbook, and Seventeen Magazine. She loves working with Custom Performance. There is no better team to get her through her races strong, healthy, and always with a little fun and humor along the way.

matthew luke meyer



After college, Matthew moved from Colorado out to NYC, in search of success on the stage. Then running changed everything. Not only his health and wellness, but how he is in the rest of his life.

Now he's got a big scary goals of qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the marathon distance and also Ironman World Champs in Kona.

Matthew is a trainer and run coach here in NYC, and you can see him around Custom Performance as one of the coaches for Streets101, leading Custom's Bread & Butter strength training classes, or on the mic at Mile High Run Club.

He feels empowered by running to always question what your limits are and redefine what is possible for you as an athlete but also a person.


marnie kunz



Marnie Kunz is a lifelong runner and founder of Runstreet Art Runs, which she leads around NYC and the world. Prone to wander, Marnie enjoys traveling and exploring new places through running. Marnie is also a running coach and specializes in beginners. She loves track workouts and coaching runners through their first races. When she's not running, Marnie is eating, traveling or wandering around exploring the local street art.


lindsey clayton



Lindsey Clayton is a longtime New Yorker by way of New Hampshire. A former professional dancer, she found even more passion in a career in fitness 8 years ago and never looked back. Today, Lindsey is a PUMA and SUUNTO sponsored athlete, an RRCA certified run coach, a long-time instructor at Barry's Bootcamp NYC, and the co-founder of Brave Body Project: a company on a mission to inspire women connect through sweat, body empowerment, and the pursuit of living a brave life. For Lindsey, 5k races turned into 10k races, which turned into half marathons, which took her all the way to the finish line at the New York City Marathon. Lindsey wants to help people understand that running races doesn't have to be about finishing times and negative splits, but more about community, the joy running brings, and the heart that goes into it. Lindsey is a regular contributor to Runner’s World Magazine as well as the New York Times, Good Morning America, ABC News, Glamour, Shape, Self, Livestrong, Oxygen, Redbook, Bicycling and Seventeen Magazine. She is so excited to be working with Custom Performance and has relied on their amazing team for years to keep her running strong and healthy!


mirna valerio



Mirna Valerio is a native of Brooklyn, NY, a former educator, cross-country coach, ultrarunner, speaker, and author of the recently published memoir, A Beautiful Work in Progress. Although she began running in high school, she recommitted to the sport after a health scare in 2008. It was then that her love for running and all its attendant benefits were reignited. She soon started her blog Fatgirlrunning, about her experiences as a larger woman in a world of thinner athletes. Mirna's athletic story was featured in the WSJ, Runner’s World, on the NBC Nightly News, CNN, on the CW Network, and in the viral REI-produced documentary short, The Mirnavator. Her writing has been featured in Women’s Running Magazine, Self Magazine Online, Outside Online, and Runner's World Magazine. Mirna was also chosen as a 2018 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and was featured in a NYTimes article on Body Positivity entitled, Five People Who Can Help You Love Your Body. She has also been a guest on several major podcasts, including the Rich Roll Podcast and most recently, the Strava Athletes Unfiltered Podcast.