Vaccines have an interesting history. Vaccines started out as “variolation” (“variola” = smallpox), with the Chinese in the 15th century. Instead of an injection, people would practice “nasal insufflation,” and snort the scabs of people ill with smallpox to elicit an immune response to the disease.

The Post Marathon Tendon

Recovery is the part of your training cycle where fitness is gained. Obviously, we consider the race as the most important part, but recovery is where your training is absorbed and it will set you up for success during the next training cycle.

Reflections on the last year: Sara LeMesh

I learned that I’m much stronger than I previously thought! 2020 brought so many challenges, both physical and emotional. The quarantine forced me to reevaluate my goals and priorities while also motivating me to take my running to the next level.

Reflections on the last year: Whitney Dosik

I am one who loves to plan trips (even if it’s small ones to Boston or Washington DC) and love to plan get-togethers as well. That all went down the drain during this time. It was hard but found it was ok to feel down and powerless. We don’t always have to be on the go and doing something, that does not define us.

Reflections on the last year: Molly Glenn.

I would say that for me the biggest effect the pandemic has had on my life is that I’m less emotionally stable. I used to keep my weeks very busy. After work I would often be out doing something three or four nights a week – seeing friends, seeing theater, going out to eat – and my weekends were just as packed

Meet Caitlin!

I run HR for a tech startup and try to balance this with running, cooking, books, and travel (hopefully we can travel again soon!).

An Uptick in Shoulder Pain: Part One

As we approach the one-year mark of living in the era of COVID-19, it’s natural to reflect on what’s changed. Our day-to-day lives, most certainly, are all different to varying degrees. The pace of life has slowed down and everyone is spending more time at home.

WFH: Shoes or No Shoes?

If you’re eleven months into working from home and have new foot pain, you aren’t alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things about our daily routines: from new home from work setups to home gyms, and a shrinking list of reasons to leave the house, you may go longer than a day without putting on shoes.

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