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Can Footwear Protect Against Injury During Easy Running?

Most running-related injuries come from a combination of training load, the body’s ability to recover, and additional external or internal stressors. For example, running uphill is an additional external stressor, with its own potential consequences (ex: form issues, toasted hamstrings).

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Covid Return To Run

I tested positive for COVID… so, when can I run? There’s a short and long answer to that question. The short answer is: hold all exercises for two weeks following your positive test. While it’s only been a year since COVID was identified, like any other illness, exercising while sick is not advised.

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The pandemic stress fracture: what your body is trying to tell us.

Stress fracture: the injury that haunts any runner who has ever had one. It is typically due to a combination of factors including poor recovery, lack of sleep, nutritional deficits, mileage changes, and overtraining. Lately, however, we’ve seen an increase in the number of stress fractures and it isn’t because people are running more. In fact, some of them are running less. I’m talking about 15-20 miles per week TOTAL with no tempo or speed work runs. So why is this happening?

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Sleep Habits

It’s been a while since I’ve written about sleep… one of my favorite activities! In previous blogs we’ve talked about the importance of sleep for recovery and hormone regulation, but what exactly is sleep? And during times like these (global pandemic, uncertainty) how much does our sleep quality matter? Hint: it matters a lot.

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Return to Sports Rehab

For many athletes, the worst thing about getting an injury is being sidelined. While it is true that an athlete needs to change their training with an injury, ‘rehab’ and ‘training’ are not two separate things. They are different points on the same training continuum. The goal of rehabilitation is to modify training appropriately to prepare an athlete to meet the baseline requirements of their sport

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Find Your Fuel!

The world of fueling and sports nutrition supplements is huge! There are a lot of different types of on-the-run fuel, and then even many different brands within those options. Types of nutrition vary depending on your event, your workout, the day of the week…. you name it and there is a fuel for that.

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Post-Run Fueling

NYC’s summer running can be brutal. We’ve got your typical summer heat, but the east coast humidity takes it to the next level. Working heart rates are higher and we’re sweating so much that our clothes are soaked. On days like this, eating right after a run can seem like the last thing you want to do.

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