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Here We Go

As the leader of our small company, I try to lead by example and exude professionalism and confidence. But on this day, there was so much uncertainty that I welcomed the condolence. We were about to sail into unchartered waters, and I knew it was going to be harder than anything we’d ever done before.

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Two Experts: Easy Runs

Easy runs aren’t always easy. We incorporate them into our running plans as a way to break up the more vigorous sessions in our training. Still, many runners avoid taking these easy days seriously by either going too fast or not running at all. Easy runs are highly strategic and have many more benefits than you may think.

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NYC Running Training - Custom Performance NYC

To Train Or Not To Train

As the 2020 IN PERSON race calendar essentially no longer exists in the NYC area, running and training look very different right now. While Google can’t help you answer how to run in a global pandemic, some of these considerations may help direct your running goals. First decide whether you want to train for a virtual race, run for fun, or take some time off of running completely. There's no right or wrong answer here. It's what works best for you at this time.

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NYC Running Training - Custom Performance NYC

Two Experts: Warming Up

What is a warm-up and why is it so important? Simply put, it’s a fundamental preparation for an eventual exercise load. Just like we preheat an oven or start a cold vehicle, our bodies benefit from a gradual progressive warm-up. Wherein lies the difference is in the specificity that is tailored to each sport or type of exercise.

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