NYC Marathon Training - Custom Performance NYC

How To Set Meaningful Running Goals

When the year winds down and runners take a break from structured plans and training cycles, it’s the perfect time to plan your running goals for the next year. Running goals can be anything! Your goals can be more objective; a PR in a certain distance, run 2 marathons in the year, stay injury-free, etc.

NYC Marathon Training - Custom Performance NYC

When Running Isn’t Fun

Are you having fun when you run? If you are becoming stressed out and unhappy due to your training cycle, take a step back and re-evaluate the goals you’re chasing. For many runners, training is a way of life, but it can slip into feeling like work.

NYC Marathon Training - Custom Performance NYC

A Brief History of Women’s Running

Marathons were a part of the first international Olympics in 1896, but it would be almost 100 years before women were allowed to compete. Before 1984, there was no women’s marathon category in the Olympics.

NYC Marathon Training - Custom Performance NYC

Running With Music

Do you run with music? We think of running with music as just a personal preference, but what if there were certain conditions in which running with music could improve your running to exhaustion time or help you forget about the environment you’re running in?

NYC Physical Fitness Training - Custom Performance NYC

All Or Nothing

I am amazing at high-level training and at being a couch potato, but I basically fail at everything in between. At the height of my running career, I had 2 training cycles that consisted of 6 days of activity, 3 brick workouts (triathlon training), and 2 strength days, and I didn’t miss one day.

NYC Running Training - Custom Performance NYC

Good Posture For Efficient Running

Running isn’t all about the lower body. Yes, you run on your legs, but what about the upper body? What about your spine? Think about this for a second: if you hunch over or extend backward at your spine does your core work?

NYC Marathon Training - Custom Performance NYC

In Review: Lululemon Fast and Free Shorts

I LOVE anything with pockets. Any article of clothing with a pocket gets me excited (with the exception of cargo shorts), so you can imagine how I was thrilled to try out Lululemon’s new Fast and Free 6″ shorts on my long run.

NYC Running Training - Custom Performance NYC

Timing your Iron

Iron deficiency is a common problem, is even more common among endurance athletes. Iron is lost through sweat, urine, the GI tract, and menstruation.

NYC Running Training - Custom Performance NYC

Running While Sick

When you’re training, experiencing sudden post-nasal drip, fever, headache, or any other initial signs of an illness can really throw a wrench in your plans.

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