The iliopsoas is actually two muscles: the psoas and the iliacus. The psoas originates from the vertebrae T-12 vertebrae (the vertebrae where the lowest rib attaches) down to L-4. The iliacus muscle comes from the inside of the hip bone. Once the two merge, they attach to the top of the femur (thigh bone), on the inner surface.

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Running with a stroller takes a lot of coordination, balance, and core strength for you. A baby needs to have good head control and some core control. This could be the first time they are facing forward and that can be a very different experience for them. So, here are my tips for stroller running.

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It’s all relative

Don’t miss out on enjoying where you are in your running because you’re focused on where you’re not. If we did this with everything in life, we would constantly be waiting! Imagine standing in a line your entire life, constantly waiting to be in the same spot as the guy in the next line over. You’d miss out on so much!

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WFH: Shoes or No Shoes?

If you’re eleven months into working from home and have new foot pain, you aren't alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things about our daily routines: from new home from work setups to home gyms, and a shrinking list of reasons to leave the house, you may go longer than a day without putting on shoes.

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