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Running in cold weather: What to wear

Winter running season is upon us, and whether you love it or hate it, it's here to stay for a little while longer. As you may have already noticed, running in cold weather presents many challenges! Extreme temperature changes, hot and cold alike, add extra stress to your cardiovascular system. Unlike summer running, it’s vital in winter to keep your chest (and heart) warm while running.

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Insurance 101

Health insurance in the United States can be very confusing. There are dozens of companies and hundreds of different plans to choose from, and no two plans are the same! Our goal is to provide as much clarity as we can when it comes to insurance; we are here for you! If you ever have any questions about insurance, insurance consultations and quotes are always available!

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All Or Nothing

I am amazing at high-level training and at being a couch potato, but I basically fail at everything in between. At the height of my running career, I had 2 training cycles that consisted of 6 days of activity, 3 brick workouts (triathlon training), and 2 strength days, and I didn’t miss one day.

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Amenorrheic Running

Back in the day, I was a fast runner. I have a distinct memory of going to Penn Relays as a junior, so excited to run the 4x400 (I was the anchor) and that morning I woke up with my period. At that point in my life I got my period every few months but most of my teammates hadn’t had their period in over a year! I wanted that. It was such a badge of honor and I was so embarrassed to be the only fast girl who got her period in season. Years later I learned that is called amenorrhea and that nothing about it is cool.

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