Is It Time to Join a Running Team or Find a Coach?

Is It Time to Join a Running Team or Find a Coach?

Laura Barreca, PT, DPT

Are you a runner and looking for a little guidance on your training or friends to run with? That might mean it’s time to find a coach or join a running team! If you live in New York City, there are endless options on both fronts. Let’s start with the club scene.

When I first moved to New York, I was blown away by how many run clubs there are.

As a way to become more integrated with the running community and meet new friends to run with (as part of my New Year’s resolution), I decided to venture out and explore some of these teams. I narrowed it down by going out to each borough and starting with some of the well known ones/finding clubs that met within my schedule. In Brooklyn, I tried Girls Run NYC, Bed Stuy Flyers, Prospect Park Track Club, South Brooklyn Running Club, and Women Make Moves. I had a great experience at each of these and the best part is, everyone was constantly welcoming to new faces. If you live in Brooklyn and are looking for some people to run with/some organized workouts, give one of these a go– you won’t regret it! Next, into Manhattan. I was able to run with Run for Chinatown, UES Run Club, Dirty Bird Run Club, Endorphins, and Streets 101 (the team I run for currently). Another great group of clubs with a mix of easy runs/running workouts that meet on various days of the week. I am continuing my venture through Manhattan and next up will be Queens! These running groups are great for any level runner who is looking to meet new people/make connections, have some form of structure in their training, and have a little bit of fun too!

Let’s get into the coaching world next.

Have you been thinking about getting a running coach in NYC? Luckily, here in New York there are PLENTY of options to do that. A coach is a great asset to have as they can help you to achieve your goals, give you an unbiased opinion on what you should be doing in regards to training, and also help to answer any questions you may have on the training front as well as things outside of running. Here at Custom Performance, we are all certified run coaches and are able to help write a training plan for you for whatever distance you may be looking for.  There are also plenty of private running coaches out there that can help guide you in your journey! RRCA’s website is a great resource if you are in search of a private coach in your state. And again, it doesn’t matter the experience level, if you are looking for feedback, any coach would be willing to help.

The most important piece is making sure that an individual’s coaching style aligns with you and reaching your goals.

There are typically options for in-person coaching where the individual will meet with you for workouts/runs as well as virtual coaching in which the individual will craft your plan and meet with you online for weekly/monthly check-ins. Both are great options depending on what you are looking for. Here at Custom Performance, we offer virtual coaching in which coaches meet with their clients every two weeks to review how training is going and answer any questions that may pop up.

Let us know if you have any questions about the club scene or running coaches, we would love to help you find the perfect fit for you and your needs!

By Laura Barreca, PT, DPT

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