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Meet Anisa!


One sentence bio.

Anisa Arsenault is a health editor and distance runner for Central Park Track Club living in Harlem.

What are three things you are proud of in your life?

  • I cover coronavirus news for work, so this year’s been all about doing my best to fit everything in: all of the miles and all of the articles. Hard work and hard workouts seem to go hand in hand.

  • I missed a year of running due to an Achilles injury, and am proud of the progress I’ve made to get back in shape. I learned a lot about self-advocacy and self-restraint along the way. I also learned it helps to avoid checking Strava when you’re hurt!

  • While I take running seriously, I’m proud of how I also try to keep it fun. I really only started getting into long runs by running 17.76 miles on the 4th of July every year. I love a good gimmick.

Three words to describe yourself.

  1. Self-motivated

  2. Enthusiastic

  3. Determined

One thing we might not know about you.

I love Mamma Mia. Like, a lot. If you see me running with headphones, there’s a good chance there’s some ABBA playing.

Speed or distance?

Distance! But I’ve never run a marathon.

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