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Meet Caitlin!


Describe yourself in one sentence.

Relentless. That’s only one word, but I feel it sums it up!

Where are you from and how does that affect who you are today?

I grew up on Long Island, in a Revolutionary War town, and I have always loved the history of the town. When I’m training for races, I’ll sometimes drive out to my hometown to do long runs as a moment of reflection and appreciation of where I’ve come from.

One life-changing moment.

Starting my new job in February 2020. I worked in Media for 9 years and really wanted a change. I have always loved beer and I feel very lucky to now work with some of the most prominent beer brands in the world every day.

What one thing we may not know about you?

I love to bake! I worked in a bakery during college and learned a lot! I like to challenge myself sometimes with tough recipes and techniques.

Brooklyn or Queens?

Queens all the way! I’ve lived in Astoria for 8 years and I try to hype it up as much as possible! It doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

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