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Meet Dani Sturtz!


Describe yourself in one sentence: I am kind, passionate, driven, and enjoy setting goals for myself & working hard to accomplish them.

What are a few things you are most proud of?

  • Qualifying for my first Boston marathon at the NYC Marathon in 2008 (my 3rd marathon). I trained to go under 3:30 thinking that was the time I needed and found out a few days before the race I needed to run under 3:40. Went for 3:30 anyway and ran 3:29:15.

  • Finishing the Boston marathon in 2012. Temperatures were extremely hot that year and I took a pit stop in the medical tent just before mile 15 with a 104 fever. After about 30 minutes I was feeling a little better so I asked if I could finish. The volunteers looked at me like I was nuts, but I left the tent anyway and with the help of friends along the course, I finished the race.

  • Completing the Speed Project, a 340-mile unsanctioned relay race from the Santa Monica pier to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, with Team Take the Bridge.

  • Writing a book – Marvelous Bloopers: Learning Through Wise Mistakes (it’s a first-grade phonics unit)

Life motto? “No day, but today” and “Be kind to everyone”.

Where are you from? Born in Manhattan and grew up in Suffern, NY.

Chocolate Chip Or Oatmeal Raisin? Chocolate chip!

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