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Meet Darcy!


Describe yourself in one sentence

OHHH . . . this is a hard one! I am a designer by day, race director by night, and in my in-between time, explore and have adventures outside as much as possible!

What are you most proud of in your life?

I am most proud of the creation of Take The Bridge, and how it connects our running families all over the world. In each city, I love fully immersing in the local running scene to find out what the community needs, and letting the race be of service to that community. I have seen the race connect people all over the world and absolutely love it.

What lessons have you learned in running Take the Bridge?

I call Take The Bridge, my baby. It has served as not only a chance for me to create something from scratch but also something to pour all my heart and intention into and see what I am fully capable of. Throughout the years, I have learned how to manage time, work with other runners and brands, trust the process, and where to let go and let others take the reigns. I have found that when you give some ownership of what the race looks like to the local community, it becomes their race, and they want it to succeed.

Secondly, and most importantly, I have always considered Take The Bridge my way of giving back to the community. My biggest lesson learned and what I continue to see again and again through this race: when you are in service and support of others, with no ask for anything in return, you will see the community return the service tenfold. I have seen such an abundance of love, support, and service in the run community worldwide, it fills my heart every day and is a constant reminder of why I continue to pour energy into TTB.

What one thing we may not know about you?

I once worked at Disneyworld! I was a waitress at a character breakfast called “Hollywood & Vine” (AKA Minnie’s Dinner) in Hollywood Studios. No, I was not a character myself, but I did date the guy who played Goofy at my restaurant 🙂

Running or Biking??

BOTH! I have found that for me to stay healthy, I need to combine both into my weekly workouts!

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