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The signs of Iron Deficiency and its effect on your performance

Feeling run down or generally fatigued lately? Not hitting paces in workouts that felt like no problem a few weeks ago? Resting heart rate higher than usual or increased shortness of breath while running? It could be a sign of iron deficiency or anemia. Because these symptoms sound similar to COVID, iron deficiency and anemia have been flying under the radar.

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WFH: Shoes or No Shoes?

If you’re eleven months into working from home and have new foot pain, you aren't alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things about our daily routines: from new home from work setups to home gyms, and a shrinking list of reasons to leave the house, you may go longer than a day without putting on shoes.

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Covid Return To Run

I tested positive for COVID... so, when can I run? There’s a short and long answer to that question. The short answer is: hold all exercises for two weeks following your positive test. While it's only been a year since COVID was identified, like any other illness, exercising while sick is not advised.

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