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What Do Runners Need?


What DO runners need?

That remains the fundamental question at the heart of our operations at Custom Performance. We constantly ask ourselves “What do runners need?” We are here to innovate and meet your needs before you even know you have them!

The staff, clinicians, and doctors of physical therapy at Custom strive to go beyond your normal physical therapy clinic needs. We aim to exceed expectations with every single interaction. As soon as you contact us, your goals become ours.

We know our clients are never satisfied with being mediocre and neither are we.

Here are some ways in which we attempt to be the best running doctors in NYC:

Exceptional Customer Experience

We pride ourselves on making clients feel welcome, heard, and cared for. We take a team approach and take seriously every aspect of care for you, from your interactions with the administration to billing, to being welcomed by the entire staff every time you enter our doors.

High Quality, Effective Care

All clinicians at Custom Performance must pass a proficiency checklist of skills and knowledge before being considered for full-time employment. This spans from knowledge about the most effective way to treat runners to specific manual therapy techniques.

Coaching and Running Knowledge

On top of our standard employment checklist, clinicians also must know everything there is to know about running! All clinicians are RRCA certified running coaches. (We even host the class to make sure we get this certification for new staff).

Team-based Approach

Our staff meets weekly to make our company and client care better. We discuss cases, talk about the most up-to-date treatments based on medical evidence, and how we can best serve our clients!

The Custom Performance staff prides itself on taking care of runners. We hold ourselves to a high standard of quality and take on your goals as our own!

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