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When Running Isn’t Fun


Are you having fun when you run? If you are becoming stressed out and unhappy due to your training cycle, take a step back and re-evaluate the goals you’re chasing. For many runners, training is a way of life, but it can slip into feeling like work. If running is not paying your bills, then it should be an enjoyable thing.

A competitive nature is very common in this sport, but it can be really difficult to accept that there will always be someone faster and stronger than you. When you’re on social media it’s easy to get discouraged; everyone seems to be running faster and having more fun than you are. But don’t take the bait; social media isn’t real life! Instead of comparing times, take a moment to figure out why you want to achieve your goals. What is your reason for pushing your limits?

As a coach, I want everyone to be their best runner. I will push you further and harder than you probably ever want, but if the training gets in the way of enjoying your real life, we should notice that and make a change. If running causing anxiety and training stresses you out from day to day, step back and take a breath.

Enjoy the run. You will only be able to do it for so long, so cherish it! Compete to your preference but don’t stress over the things you can’t control. Make realistic goals, dream big, and chase that running joy!Related Articles

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