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Reflections on the last year: Molly Glenn.


I would say that for me the biggest effect the pandemic has had on my life is that I’m less emotionally stable. I used to keep my weeks very busy. After work I would often be out doing something three or four nights a week – seeing friends, seeing theater, going out to eat – and my weekends were just as packed.

With so much more free time than I had pre-pandemic my brain simply has more time to feel big feelings. The highs are higher, but the lows are much lower.

Recently I have been more aware of it, and I’m getting better at slowing the negative thoughts. It’s been a challenging year, for sure. Running has been possibly the most consistent thing for me, which always helps with my mental health in addition to my physical health.

Many thanks to you all at Custom Performance for keeping me in tip-top shape so I can keep my physical fitness strong in these trying times.

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