What We Do

We Provide the Best Physical Therapy for Runners
of All Abilities

Our team is comprised of orthopedic specialists, trained to help you recover from pain and injury. We see clients for a variety of ailments, from back and neck pain to hip, knee, and ankle injuries.

All Access Physical Therapy Program

Our signature All Access Physical Therapy Program is a one-on-one, in-depth physical therapy evaluation and running form analysis by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who is trained in running performance and is an RRCA Certified Coach. We’ll assess your history, injuries, and begin treatment.

Running Performance Program

Our running performance program is a deep dive into your running mechanics with a specialist trained in running biomechanics who is an RRCA Certified Run Coach. We’ll assess cadence, stride length, heel/midfoot/forefoot landing times, and ground contact times as well as compare sides of the body for symmetry.  You’ll leave with a plan and a greater understanding of how you move and how to be more efficient while running.

Fresh Legs Recovery Program

Our tried and true recovery service that serves as a runner’s tune up. You’ll receive 30 minutes of hands-on care and stretching for your legs, followed by your choice of recovery boots or Coldtub. You’ll leave feeling fresh and ready to take on your next big run.

NYC Marathon Training - Custom Performance NYC

Results-Driven Run Coaching Program

Our unique combination of doctors of physical therapy who are also RRCA certified run coaches provide the next level of run coaching! You’ll meet with your coach virtually and work together to set goals for your running. You’ll receive a plan that can change with your needs, biweekly check ins and weekly emails.


VO2Max Test
$229 Max effort treadmill test to determine oxygen usage and efficiency, lactate threshold, and heart rate zones for use in training programming ($450 Value)

Gym Access 90 Minute Session

AlterG Pro

Cold Tub Session

Recovery Boot Session

Theraguns Session

Have A Custom Experience Today

Custom Performance is here to help you reach your goals, improve your running, and change your life.

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