Our running performance program is a deep dive into your running mechanics with a specialist trained in running biomechanics who is an RRCA Certified Run Coach. We’ll assess cadence, stride length, heel/midfoot/forefoot landing times, and ground contact times as well as compare sides of the body for symmetry.  You’ll leave with a plan and a greater understanding of how you move and how to be more efficient while running.


The Running Performance Program includes:

  • 90 minute In-depth Video Running Analysis with Optogait technology ($299 Value)
  • 30 minute Follow-up Included ($199 Value)
  • Recommendations on Form, Shoes, Efficiency and Injury Prevention
  • Customized Strength & Mobility Program
  • Report on Metrics (Stride Length, Cadence, Footstrike, Symmetry)


  • Access to Members Only Section ($199 Value)
  • One gym access pass ($49)



VO2Max Test
$229 Max effort treadmill test to determine oxygen usage and efficiency, lactate threshold, and heart rate zones for use in training programming ($450 Value)

Strength Session & Program:
30 mins $179

Gym Access 90 Minute Session

AlterG Pro

Bread & Butter Strength for Runners

Cold Tub Session

Recovery Boot Session

Theraguns Session

Have A Custom Experience TOday

Custom Performance is here to help you reach your goals, improve your running, and change your life.

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