Running Performance Program

Our running performance program is a deep dive into your running mechanics with a specialist trained in running biomechanics who is an RRCA Certified Run Coach. We’ll assess cadence, stride length, heel/midfoot/forefoot landing times, and ground contact times as well as compare sides of the body for symmetry.  You’ll leave with a plan and a greater understanding of how you move and how to be more efficient while running.


Benefits of the Running Performance Program include:

  • 90 minute Video Running Analysis with Optogait Technology
  • 30 minute Follow-up Included
  • Recommendations on Form, Efficiency, and Injury Prevention
  • Report on Metrics (Stride Length, Cadence, Footstrike, Symmetry)
VO2 Max Testing in NYC - Custom PT

VO2max+ Testing

VO2max+ Testing: $299

Test your ability to efficiently use oxygen through a maximum effort treadmill test! This one-on-one comprehensive test will give precise and accurate data on your oxygen levels and heart rate zones.

To learn more about the science and benefits of VO2max testing, read Dr. Rhiannon Jardim’s blog here.

Benefits of VO2max+ Testing include:

  • Comprehensive testing with our state of the art PNOE system
  • Personalized data to inform HR Zone training
  • One FREE 30-minute follow-up with an RRCA certified coach
  • Free same-day recovery services
  • $20 off your first PT Evaluation


Theraguns Session*

Recovery Boot Membership

Cold Tub Membership

* Services marked with an asterisk are free to Clients and Team Partners

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