Exceed Your Goals

Our unique combination of doctors of physical therapy who are also RRCA certified run coaches provide the next level of run coaching! You’ll meet with your coach virtually and work together to set goals for your running. You’ll receive a plan that can change with your needs, biweekly check ins and weekly emails.

$49 per week

The Results-Driven Run Coaching Program includes:

  • Half marathon programs 6-10 weeks
  • Marathon programs 12-20 weeks
  • Two virtual appointments per month ($320 value)
  • Final surge account ($19 value)
  • Kick Off Call with Coach ($179 Value)
  • Full programming by RRCA certified coach
  • Adjustment of Program Based on Needs
  • Customized Weekly Email & Communication


  • Access to Members Only Section ($199 Value)
  • Weekly gym access pass ($99)



VO2Max Test
$229 Max effort treadmill test to determine oxygen usage and efficiency, lactate threshold, and heart rate zones for use in training programming ($450 Value)

Strength Session & Program:
30 mins $179

Gym Access 90 Minute Session

AlterG Pro

Bread & Butter Strength for Runners

Cold Tub Session

Recovery Boot Session

Theraguns Session

Have A Custom Experience TOday

Custom Performance is here to help you reach your goals, improve your running, and change your life.

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