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Am I Being Lazy?


“Come on! Don’t be so LAZY!”

(Mother of the year over here)

As soon as the words breached my lips, I regretted them. How could I call my daughter the WORST thing in the whole world?

The word “lazy” to me is far worse than virtually any other four-letter word. Why is that?

Over the past month, I began examining my relationship with the idea of “lazy.” Why is it so terrible for me to consider someone else, or worse, myself, lazy?

I began with the actual etymology of lazy to understand it’s the true meaning. It’s German (go figure, so am I) mid 16th century: perhaps related to Low German lasich ‘languid, idle.’ I googled the definition and found “lazy (adjective): unwilling to work or use energy; characterized by lack of effort or activity; showing a lack of effort or care.”

Yikes. Just reading that definition gives me anxiety. I love hard work, effort, and activity. I care passionately about so many things. The idea of “lazy” sounds terrible to me.

But is “lazy” truly the opposite of “hard-working?” I asked myself. Of course, I googled the definition of “hard-working.” “Hard-working (adjective): tending to work with energy and commitment; diligent.” No, they are not opposites; it’s all in the intention.

What does “lazy” look like to you? When would you, perhaps incorrectly, label yourself “lazy?” Laying on the couch all day? Laziness and laying on the couch for a day (or week, or more) are not synonymous. It’s all in the intention!

Lazy is the active avoidance of work, while RESTING is a vehicle to continue on doing work!

Introducing rest. Rest (verb): “to cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.” Resting is not lazy. Quite the opposite.

Resting is hard-working. You must rest to continue on with energy and commitment. Period. So next time you judge yourself or others for resting, by confusing it with laziness, remember the difference!

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