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Everything Counts


Runners are typically diligent about sticking to a training schedule. The plan says 5 miles at tempo pace, so you’re doing 5 miles at tempo pace! However, when deciding how to adjust training or what you want to do for your run on a given day, we often forget to take into account all of the other “stuff” that’s happened.

It’s become more mainstream to be aware of your sleep and nutrition and adjust your workout for the day as needed. But what about the four hours of errands you ran around doing? Or the couple of easy miles you did with a friend but those “don’t count” because you have that 5-mile tempo scheduled? Or the hours standing in the kitchen cooking? What about the intense cleaning you just gave your bathroom? These things are often overlooked when assessing your energy levels for the day or even the next day.

When we’re thinking about balancing energy–avoiding injury and RED-S–we need to take into account all of our activities. If you spent the day running errands after a poor night’s sleep and set out to run in the evening, maybe switch that 5-mile tempo to 5 easy miles. It’s clich√© but true: it’s all about balance!

Many runners that I’ve talked to during this quarantine time have noticed feeling more energetic on their runs. It’s a great opportunity to take notice of how the normal tasks of your everyday life really affect your energy levels!

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