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In Review: Oiselle Flyout Bra


I’ve never been one to get attached to a piece of clothing. Generally, I just find something that works, I like it, get one of it, and move on.

But I am constantly recommending the Oiselle Flyout bra. I now have three of them! I’ve spoken to many strangers about this sports bra, especially during summer runs, and probably with way too much excitement.

It provides the right amount of compression, has a great fit, and the style has thick enough straps to prevent collarbone chaffing from my hydration pack straw. It’s only happened once… but that was enough for me.

The biggest thing for me is the phone pocket. I absolutely cannot stand running with my phone. The less stuff, the better, and I always prefer to have nothing in my hands. However, between my increasingly unreliable knee and my husband’s concern for my safety in the early morning hours (hello location sharing), carrying a phone became necessary a couple of years ago.

The Flyout Bra has the most perfectly placed phone pocket–right between the shoulder blades. It’s easy to grab by just reaching overhead, but otherwise, I forget it’s there. There’s no bounce at all.

I’m not dedicated to one brand for running clothes, but I do love and support Oiselle’s mission. Couple that with a perfectly designed sports bra, and I’ll keep adding to my collection!

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