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Can Footwear Protect Against Injury During Easy Running?

Most running-related injuries come from a combination of training load, the body’s ability to recover, and additional external or internal stressors. For example, running uphill is an additional external stressor, with its own potential consequences (ex: form issues, toasted hamstrings).

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In Review: Oiselle Flyout Bra

I’ve never been one to get attached to a piece of clothing. Generally, I just find something that works, I like it, get one of it, and move on. But I am constantly recommending the Oiselle Flyout bra. I now have three of them! I’ve spoken to many strangers about this sports bra, especially during summer runs, and probably with way too much excitement.

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Two Experts: Running Barefoot & Running Shoes

We aren’t born wearing sneakers. Parents often introduce footwear to children early on with the purpose of expressing style, comfort, and safety. We do this without realizing the implications of wearing shoes at such a young age. Shoes can prevent proper foot muscle development, which is crucial for overall foot health.

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YakTrax for Winter Running

Winter running brings many challenges. Some people resort to the treadmill, while others brave the cold and layer up. If you are one of the brave souls who run outside in the winter months, one of the biggest dangers is your footing in the snow and ice. There are a few different modifications and additions you can make to your shoe to help prevent slipping and falling. Two of the main options are Yaktrax and a modification called “the screw shoe.”

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