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In Review: Tracksmith Shorts


As someone that lives for summer and the outdoors, I was pretty excited about these shorts. I spend a lot of time in the Adirondacks in the summer, often ending runs jumping off a dock.

So shorts that can dry quickly and not stick all over my legs?! Game changer!

These shorts have a decent fit, but if you, like me, traditionally have the “gapping waist” issue with jeans (the pants fit well but are too big at the waist), expect the same thing here with sizing. The good news is that it has no bearing on their function and they still look good.

I like these Tracksmith shorts specifically for summer adventures. I can spend a day outside getting into and out of the water and stay comfortable the whole time. Jump in a river at the end of a hike or trail run? Check. Cliff jumping into a lake? Also, check.

These shorts cost more than what I would typically spend on running apparel. However, given the unique functionality of this pair, I felt good about spending the money!

Long live summer adventures!

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