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Meet James O’Brien!


Describe yourself in one sentence

Tall and concise

What has been your favorite distance to run?


Where are you from and how has that influenced who you are today?

I was born in England and raised in both England and Ireland, and I
grew up with a deep involvement in competitive club track and field in
both countries. At the time, the club system in the UK and Ireland was
exceptional. I believe that I learned a lot of lessons in that
environment that could not be taught in school – goal setting,
commitment, positivity, how to accept winning and losing (mostly
losing) – all of which are exceptional lessons for life.

What’s something we might not know about you?

I always had three ambitions: 1) Win an Olympic gold medal; 2) Sing
in a rock and roll band; 3) Meet Elvis Presley. I achieved one.

Beer or Whiskey?

Beer (repeated as necessary)

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