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Meet Mark Goldfinger!


Describe yourself in one sentence

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Every day I remind myself of that, and always look to see how I can help give back and share this mantra with others.

Name 5 things you love

  • Being Competitive

  • My Family and Friends

  • Those runners high after a great speed workout

  • Traveling and exploring new places / or sharing favorite places with people who have never been

  • (Coach K, can I say scotch? lol!) Seriously, I’d say being on my bike and going for long rides.

Where are you from and how has that influenced who you are today?

I am a very proud New Yorker. I was born and raised in Manhattan on the Eastside. And while I have lived all over the world, I always am excited to come back to my roots and be in NYC. Being raised in the city (yes, there is only one ‘The City’) allowed me to understand culture and diversity at a very young age. It has shaped who I am, what I stand for, and how I consistently try and work on getting to know locals everywhere I go.

What’s your morning routine?

Wake up, Smile, Stretch my back (32 is not as young as it used to be 🙂 ), and then either get ready for a run or a Peloton Workout. (Very into the Peloton right now with the cold weather). Before I go on my run or get on the bike, I will typically check my work email to ensure there is nothing urgent to respond to. I will send a motivational message to my Sales team, and then I am off for my workout. Once back, I will jump into the day with Coffee, Yogurt, and granola and get started. Of course when WFH this has changed a bit, but typically I try to be done with my workouts and ‘my time’ before 8 am.

Coffee or tea?


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