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What makes you unique? Everyone should spend time taking a personal inventory of this.

  • Who am I?

  • What do I appreciate about myself?

  • What makes me who I am?

  • What makes me energized?

  • When do I thrive?

These questions are meant to make you think deeply about what makes you unique. The concept can seem broad and abstract but start by breaking it down on a day to day basis. At some point tomorrow, ask yourself what’s energizing you. Be truthful with yourself–don’t just look for the answers you want. Next, ask someone close to you to answer the same questions about you. See how the answers compare. This gives you a glimpse of how others see you.

Ask more people and write down the answers. Really dive into them, identifying both areas that you can take advantage of your strengths and areas to improve upon. For example, if someone tells you that you don’t appreciate things other people do, this could be an area to work on.

You’ve taken the time to really understand what makes you who you are. So now invest time in things to help you grow. Play to your strengths when you can. Assess and reassess, striving for what you want to represent. Self-acknowledgment is not something to be ashamed of. Double down on your uniqueness. Create your legacy.

So… what makes you Unique?

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