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Winter Running Tips by Marnie!

Winter running is not most people’s favorite. The sun sets way too early, the cold can hit hard, and there are less races than in the fall or spring. But winter running is important to keep your base fitness level, and it can actually be a peaceful and fun time, if you do it right. Here are 10 tips to slay your winter running. Who knows, after trying some of these techniques, you may even start to like winter running best!

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What makes you unique? Everyone should spend time taking a personal inventory of this. Who am I? What do I appreciate about myself? What makes me who I am? What makes me energized? When do I thrive?. These questions are meant to make you think deeply about what makes you unique. The concept can seem broad and abstract but start by breaking it down on a day to day basis.

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Mental Strength During Injury

I read the book Rebound by Carrie Jackson Cheadle and Cindy Kuzma, and I cannot recommend it enough. It was recommended to me professionally, but ironically I found the time to read it while I was out of the office after knee surgery in January. It breaks things down in a digestible way and provides mental drills at the end of each chapter to develop strong mental skills.

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