The Running Shoes We’re Excited for in 2023

The Custom staff is excited for another year of running and the new gear to go along with it!  Are you looking to start off 2023 with a brand new running shoe, or is it time for a switch up from something that isn’t quite working?  Has someone gifted you a new shoe to try over the holiday season?  Each member of our staff is looking forward to a different shoe– let’s get into the details of running shoes we’re most excited for in 2023! 

Let’s start with the Adizero Takumi Sen 8 from Adidas.  This is a lightweight and fast racing or workout shoe.  Greg Laraia just tested a brand new pair and says: “they are pretty stiff but feel like they have good support & cushion; the rods give a springy sensation in toe-off but don’t put you up onto your toes as much as other speed shoes.”  The shoe weighs 6.5 oz and has a 6 mm drop.  The larger the drop in a shoe, the more impact there will be at the knee and hip joints as opposed to the ankle joint and vice versa.  If you have knee or hip injuries, this small heel drop will put LESS force on those joints and this Adidas shoe may be the one for you!

Next up, the Brooks Hyperion Elite 3’s– a marathon racing and workout shoe.  Brian Hsia loves this shoe and says: “I ran Berlin last year in this shoe.  The training could have been better and in the moment of the race, I decided to adjust time goals; I feel that this shoe helped push me to still hit a reasonable time.”  Lisbeth Hoyt is also excited about this shoe: I have never run in a plated shoe before so this is my first venture into the carbon plate world.”  The wider platform is great for those with a wider foot that are uncomfortable in other super shoes.  Another great feature of this shoe is an elastic band used as a lace catch, avoiding having to re-tie shoes over a long race.  This shoe weighs 8.1 oz and has an 8 mm drop.  

Another Brooks shoe we are excited for here at Custom is the Brooks Ghost 14’s.  Sam Vargas is “excited for comfort in a walking shoe & something that I can wear all day long.”  This model of the Ghost continues to have the DNA loft midsole, functioning as added foam, along with plenty of outsole rubber to help with comfort.  If you are looking for a comfortable shoe to put plenty of miles on, this would be a great match.  The Ghost 14’s weigh 9 oz and have a 12 mm drop.  

Per usual, Nike is making major adjustments to the Air Zoom Pegasus model.  Cat Fitzgerald is excited to use her Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39s as she returns to running postpartum.  Cat says: “I found a shoe that works for my new form (which is a forefoot strike as opposed to a rearfoot strike) to guard my knee.  I am also excited for the Zoom air unit piece that is now in both the front and back of the shoe!”  The Nike Pegasus has changed SIGNIFICANTLY from model to model.  With the latest updates, Nike put a pressurized Zoom air unit in the forefoot and at the heel, changed from just the forefoot in the Pegasus 38s.  This air unit helps to create a feeling of stability and cushioning.  The 39 also has a new groove at the heel of the shoe making it firmer and more stable.  This shoe comes in at 10oz in weight with a 10mm heel drop. 

To finish up, let’s talk about the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3s.  This is a workout or race day shoe that comes in at 7.2 oz with an 8 mm drop.  I’m extremely excited to give these a try.  I had a pair of Nike Vaporflys that I was using to race the NYC marathon and decided afterwards that I wanted to try another race day shoe.  I haven’t worked out in my Endorphins yet, but know they are super lightweight and seem perfect for race day!  This shoe has an updated nylon plate and a wider platform for more stability.  The Endorphins also come at a much more reasonable price point compared to most speed shoes.

As running coaches AND physical therapists here at Custom, we can help find the right shoe for you while incorporating knowledge about your injuries & running form.  Give these shoes a try and let us know what you think– we are excited for another year of running & all the new shoes to come along with it!

Laura Barreca PT, DPT

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