Custom’s Unofficial Gift Guide for Runners

By B Kinstle

It’s the holiday season! As we all get into the giving spirit, we’re sure you’ve been asking yourself: 

What the heck do I get for all my runner friends? 

From stocking stuffers to big ticket items, we’re here with tons of inspiration. 

Stocking Stuffers:

Whether you’re deep in the running community, or still wondering the difference between a taper and a running belt, sometimes you need a small and thoughtful gift for your running obsessed loved ones.

Waffle Sampler Pack of 6 – $9.99 on Honey Stinger’s website 

Who says fuel can’t be yummy!

LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix – $45 for a 30-pack

Remind your friends to rehydrate after a hard workout.

PowerBar PowerGel – $54.89 for a 24-pack 

Throw a couple in each stocking to help your friends and family fuel their next long run! 

Small Gifts:

When you know as many runners as we do, you can’t go crazy for every single one. These gifts may be small but they’re mighty thoughtful. 

Amphipod Hydraform Minimalist Handheld Water Bottle – $24.95 at REI

Hydration is key no matter the season!

Photo by @dhash

A Custom Performance Workout Class – $25
Click Here to Give a Custom Performance Gift Card

Custom’s one-off classes are always changing and always fun! Check the Add-On section of the website and @nycustompt on Instagram for all the latest class options

REI Co-op Liner Gloves 2.0 – $26.95 at REI

This one feels self explanatory, no? Keep warm during winter runs!

Fast and Free Running Belt – $38 at Lululemon

Gift them something stylish to hold all their fuel for their long runs!

Medium Gifts:

Not too much of a splurge, but still a thoughtful way to show the runner in your life that you’re thinking of them this holiday season.

Photo by @dhash

Race Print – Price Depends on Local Photographer 

Marathon Fotos covers tons of races, and you can search by last name! Download for a small fee and get prints for your favorite marathoner. 

Also check out available prints for purchase from NYC local photographers like David Hasim, John Tran, Johnny Zhang, and Quentin Mui

Women’s Fast and Free Running Hat – $38 at Lululemon

Don’t let your loved one be snow blinded

Envital Bra – $48 at Lululemon

Name one runner that doesn’t need another sports bra.

Snowbelle Beanie – $55 at Patagonia

You can’t tell me that this isn’t the cutest beanie you’ve ever seen.

Wunderlust Belt Bag 1.8L – $58 at Lululemon

Ever met a runner with pockets? Me neither.

QuickStart 2.0 3 Liter Hydration Pack – $70 at Nathan Sports

 For hands-free hydration.

Large Gifts:

Those big ticket items to really say “Happy Holidays, I love you.” Or – something you and your friends can all chip in for.

License To Train Jogger – $128 at Lululemon

For those running boys in your life.

Run With It Jacket – $129 at Athleta

It’s cold out there! Help them keep warm

Photo by

Fresh Legs – $149 at Custom Performance
Click Here to Give a Custom Performance Gift Card

Gift the runner in your life some well needed rehabilitation. They’ll get 30-minutes of hands-on care and stretching, followed by their choice of Compression Boots or use of the Cold Tub. A great gift to celebrate their race!

Synchilla® Snap-T® Fleece Pullover – $149 at Patagonia

What? They’re not always running!

Slope Runner Exploration Pack 18L – $179 at Patagonia

Perfect for trail runners, adored by road runners

2-in-1 Travel Duffle Backpack 45L – $198 at Lululemon

Perfect for travel marathoners! Give them the gift of an easy carry on

Theragun Sense – $299 at Therabody

You know they’ll need recovery, and they’ll be sure to love this for at home care

Photo by @dhash

Running Performance Program – $399 at Custom Performance
Click Here to Give a Custom Performance Gift Card

For that long term runner, gift them a 90 minute Gait Analysis + 30-minute followup. A RRCA certified run coach will deep dive into their running mechanics, focusing on cadence, stride length, heel/midfoot/forefoot landing times, and ground contact times. The off season is the best time to start long term improvement work like this!

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