What Are You Running from or Towards?

What Are You Running From? Or Towards?

Andre Williams PT, DPT

Have you ever found yourself pounding the pavement, wondering, “What am I really running for?”

It’s a thought that’s probably crossed your mind and is an intriguing part of our relationship with running. Let’s talk honestly about the rollercoaster ride of running, from its incredible perks to the potential bumps in the road. We’ll dive into how running can be your best buddy and a tricky companion, touching on its power to boost our well-being, its addictive nature, and how we sometimes use it to escape reality.

First things first, let’s talk about the awesomeness of running.

It’s like a magic potion for our bodies and minds. Physically, it gets your heart pumping, strengthens muscles, and helps keep the extra pounds at bay. Emotionally, it’s like a mini therapy session – stress melts away, moods lift, and your self-esteem gets a healthy boost. Running is like that friend who’s always there to make you feel fantastic.

But here’s the twist. Running can be a bit like your favorite dessert – you can’t get enough of it. The thrill of those endorphins, the joy of setting new personal records, and the excitement of conquering challenges can make you crave the next run. And while enthusiasm is fantastic, we’ve got to keep our balance. Overtraining, burnout, and injuries are all lurking on this path. It’s like having too many sweets; moderation is key.

Here’s another thing to chew on: Sometimes, we run to escape life’s problems and stress.

It’s a bit like hitting the “pause” button on reality. Now, don’t get me wrong – a good run can be therapeutic, but relying solely on running to dodge issues can be counterproductive. Finding the right balance between escapism and dealing with what life throws our way is critical.

Now, let’s talk about discipline and commitment – the unsung heroes of running. The consistency it takes to stick to a training plan, the determination to push through discomfort, and the patience to see long-term progress are skills that spill over into our daily lives. Running helps us become more disciplined and focused, which is a superpower in real life.

As you lace up your running shoes and hit the trails or streets, ponder this: What are you truly running from? Or towards?

These questions serve as a mirror reflecting your journey in both the physical and emotional realms. Perhaps you’ll find facets of yourself in these reflections, and maybe you won’t. That’s the enchanting aspect of running—it’s a path that leads to different destinations for each of us. Beyond the mere miles, it’s a journey of self-discovery, lessons, and personal growth.

By Andre Williams PT, DPT

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