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All Or Nothing

I am amazing at high-level training and at being a couch potato, but I basically fail at everything in between. At the height of my running career, I had 2 training cycles that consisted of 6 days of activity, 3 brick workouts (triathlon training), and 2 strength days, and I didn’t miss one day.

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Red-S Update

Breaking news: there are some new developments in RED-S (my favorite topic). The International Olympic Committee is working hard to research and educate athletes about RED-S and the danger of low energy availability.  Here are some new areas of development that should not be ignored!

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Amenorrheic Running

Back in the day, I was a fast runner. I have a distinct memory of going to Penn Relays as a junior, so excited to run the 4x400 (I was the anchor) and that morning I woke up with my period. At that point in my life I got my period every few months but most of my teammates hadn’t had their period in over a year! I wanted that. It was such a badge of honor and I was so embarrassed to be the only fast girl who got her period in season. Years later I learned that is called amenorrhea and that nothing about it is cool.

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